Knee Specialists

Dr. Nathan Cafferky

Speciality: Total Joint Replacement, Hip and Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Trauma.
Assistant: Brianna Hirsch, PA-C

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Dr. Rick Cunningham

Speciality: ACL Reconstruction, sports injuries to knee and shoulder, partial and total knee replacement, Orthopedic Trauma
Assistant: Gretchen Meador, PA-C

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Dr. William Sterett

Speciality: ACL Reconstruction, Sports Injuries to the Knee and Shoulder, Joint Preservation, Orthopedic Trauma
Assistants: Lukas Rhoads, PA-C, Bryan Diekmann, MSed, ATC, & Ryan Molson, ATC

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Dr. Peter Janes

Specialty: Hand, Wrist, Knee & Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
Assistant: Jennifer Phillips, PA-C

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