Jaime Brede

Jaime Brede
Procedure: Torn hamstring repair

I knew it the second it happened - I was horsing around with friends on the Fourth of July, when I performed a most ill-fated dance move not to be attempted by anything other than accomplished gymnasts, yogis, and the like. When I did the splits, I heard and felt a "POP" in my groin area and instantly knew that my summer was OVER. As a newly-christened sponsored professional triathlete, I was devastated, to say the least. 

As it turned out, I had completely avulsed my ischial tuberosity. Or, tore the hamstring off of the pelvis, in layman's terms. Once Dr. Cunningham had a clear picture of my injury via MRI, he set the wheels in motion, and I was in surgery days later. I was impressed by the expeditious manner in which he set about the repair. I was even more impressed and ever-so-relieved when, after surgery, Dr. Cunningham felt "extremely confident" in his repair and that he felt it was the "best repair" of this injury that he had performed.  

As I embark on training for the 2012 Xterra and mountain bike race season, I can honestly say that I will soon be 100% and back to doing what I love at the level in which I am accustomed to performing. It has been a long road to recovery, but I am so glad that I put my care in the hands of Dr. Cunningham and Vail Summit Orthopedic. The gratitude I have is immeasurable.