Will Andrews

Procedure: Distal femur requiring open plating

Dear Dr. Janes,
Now that nearly seven months have passed since you repaired the damage to my right femur last December 31, 2010, I wanted to let you know that the surgery was entirely successful.   My local doctor, Dr. Scott Montgomery, at Ochsner, looked at a new set of X-rays last Thursday (one of many taken in past months) and said the bone has continued to heal well. There were no complications during my week in rehab in Evergreen or afterwards.  Dr. Janes, you have received many compliments on how well the scar healed.
I was on two crutches for eight weeks, then a couple weeks on one crutch and then a cane. The limp went away in less than five months. This week I end five months of physical therapy, which has been most helpful. The left leg, not broken but badly bruised, has recovered at about the same rate, although it was weight-bearing from the start. The VMO on the left leg did not start to redevelop until about five months had passed.
Next week we head back to Summit County for two weeks of hiking, followed by backpacking in Oregon in September.
Dr. Montgomery recommends leaving the hardware in but says he would be willing to remove it by late October if I wish. My inclination is to leave the hardware in unless a screw causes a problem.
Thanks for taking such good care of me, Dr. Janes! Patty and I appreciate the superb care we received from everyone at Vail Summit Orthopaedics and in Frisco.
With best regards, 
Will Andrews