Our Patients Share Their Injuries and Outcomes

Ask any of the doctors at Vail-Summit Orthopaedics and they will tell you what a privilege it is to work with patients who are passionate about their healthy active lifestyles and fiercely determined to keep enjoying the sports and recreation that brought them to Summit and Eagle counties in the first place.

In this section, patients share their stories: how they were injured, their experiences with the doctor they chose, the treatment plan they followed, the physical outcome and quality of life they now enjoy. You’ll find their stories organized by the location of the injury, along with links to relevant videos and educational guides.

The patient stories also provide insights into the personality and clinical approach of each doctor. For that reason, you will also find all of the patient stories for a particular doctor organized on his web page, along side his biography, education and other important credentials.

Even if you don’t have an ankle injury, the story about the 46-year-old kite surfer that wouldn’t accept ankle fusion as the answer to his crippling joint pain is inspiring. Then there’s the 80-year-old who wasn’t going to let a torn meniscus keep him from skiing and the 5-year old boy who got to keep his fingers. You may very well find a patient who has experienced the same injury as you.