A Heartfelt Thank You to VSO and Dr. Peter Janes for Free Surgery Day

Check out this link for more information on the collaborative work of Dr. Peter Janes and several other VSO team members during this year's 'Free Surgery Day' held June 11th at the Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco. For the second year, dozens of local healthcare providers volunteered their time to serve 18 patients in need. http://summitdailynews.co.newsmemory.com/eebrowser/frame/check.4700/flash/loadPage.php?token=4snS0NfV2srKrLvP19nYnZmfhZaTpZGumMNwcpqf1cnclJ%252BLlZugkaeakHJvkZ%252BWm6eUpYuVkp4%253D